Boy George has recently been seen in the media showing off his dramatic weight loss. The 51 year old Culture Club lead singer appeared healthier and better looking than ever, and later tweeted his achievement worldwide.

Fans and followers wanted to know exactly how he had achieved this dramatic weight loss and Boy George was happy to share his diet and how he achieved his new slimmer physique.


Boy George’s weight loss achievement is extremely admirable, and he deserves recognition for achieving such a dramatic turnaround. We think he looks absolutely fantastic!

But despite the media sensationalising the story, the methods he used are actually not that amazing. He is simply using a common sense dieting method used by people all over the world.

Portion control. Snacking control. Stress Control. And Water.

But although this appears to be a very simple method of losing weight, it is important to get into the right frame of mind, otherwise it is unlikely that you’ll be able to maintain the healthy diet and ensure the weight stays off long term.

That’s because most of us have automatic eating habits, which can be hard to shake off.

Clearly Boy George was in the right frame of mind to lose so much weight, but how long will you last before the weight piles back on again? The trick is to train your mind, eradicate the urges or cravings to eat the wrong foods, and avoid yo-yo dieting.

The methods Boy George used may not be new or revolutionary, but it is an easy and affordable way to lose weight and can show incredible results in the long term when combined with a healthy, positive mind-set.

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