Lose weight - Eat more water!

No, it’s not a typo… in today’s article, you’ll find out why eating more water can help you lose weight!

You see, as human beings, we can only concentrate on a few things at a time.

So most of the day, we are simply acting in habitual ways without really thinking too hard about what we are doing.

This applies to eating too, and studies at Pennsylvania State University’s foodlab have shown that we tend to eat the same weight of food each day, regardless of the calorie content.

In other words, we judge fullness by the weight of the food we have eaten, not by its calorific value.

Another diet industry dirty secret busted!

Is it any wonder then that all diet plans suggest eating more vegetables?

It’s because vegetables contain fewer calories, pound for pound, than pretty much any other food out there.

The secret is their high water content, which bulks up their size and weight, tricking your brain into thinking you’ve eaten your fill.

Not only that, but food with a high water content requires more swallowing, and takes longer to exit the stomach.

So, if you want to lose weight, a great way to trick your brain into eating fewer calories is simply to ‘eat more water’.

6 Top tips to ‘eat more water’

  • Drink a glass of water at the start and end of a meal – although not as effective as water locked in food, it quenches thirst and adds ‘weight’ to the meal.
  • Start each meal with a low-calorie salad or soup, both of which have been proven to reduce the number of calories consumed later in the meal
  • Lower your portions sizes of calorie-dense meat and grains (no more than a quarter of your plate)
  • Aim to fill at least half your plate with vegetables prepared in a way that keeps their calorie density low (steaming, or microwaving)
  • Add a second or third vegetable portion for greater variety, rather than increasing the amount of a single vegetable
  • Try a small portion of a healthy food, like stewed apple or fruit salad, at the end of a meal in place of a dessert.

This is a pretty simple trick that fools your brain into feeling fuller longer, but it works well – and if you combine it with the psychological mind games that we teach in the DietAssist programme, you’ll find losing weight easier than you could possibly imagine.