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In an interview with Shape magazine, Beyoncé explains how a healthy diet and dance workouts helped her lose 57 pounds of excess baby weight in just three months.

To most people, this sort of weight loss achievement seems completely out of reach… after all, she has all the time and resources that only an A-List celebrity can have, right?

Well, in reality, we suspect the key to her success occurred just before she started her diet.

You see, people who lose weight successfully have one thing in common: their mindset. Get that right and you have a much greater chance of success.

In Beyoncé’s case, she had a show scheduled three months after giving birth, and there is nothing like a few hundred thousand pounds of ticket sales to concentrate the mind.

Hands up… how much more motivated do you think you would be to lose weight if there was a million pounds waiting for you at the end?

Thought so.

The truth is, you don’t need the promise of millions to get into the right mindset to lose weight.

A recent study by the Mayo Clinic, for example, showed that a mere £13 a month was all that was needed to make staff 400% more motivated to lose weight.

But it isn’t just money that gets us into the right mindset. It might be an upcoming event, such as a holiday or wedding. It might be the realisation that you’ve gone up a dress size. It might be an innocent but cutting comment from one of your children.

Lke Beyoncé, the key to success is to find the thing that will get you into the mindset to take action and finally lose weight.

Tell us what got you into the mindset to lose weight by leaving a comment below.

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