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Below are some of our customer weight loss success stories and comments. If DietAssist has helped you, please leave your testimonial in the comments section below, or contact us if you would like to feature in our media stories.

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Jaynean overcame her bad eating habits with DietAssist

Jaynean breaks her bad eating habits with DietAssist

Jaynean lost 2 dress sizes and nearly 2 stone when she used DietAssist to control her bad eating habits. Here’s her story in her own words: “I was grossly overweight, very uncomfortable in most of my clothes and was needing to buy another wardrobe to fit into. I’d outgrown the wardrobe I was in at […]

Caren loses weight with DietAssist

Weight loss is easy with DietAssist, says Caren

Caren was introduced to DietAssist by a friend, and together they took the DietAssist Weight Loss Challenge. Here’s her story in her own words. “I was desperate to lose weight. I had tried all sorts of diets but nothing worked for me, then a friend recommended DietAssist. She was losing weight with DietAssist and I […]

Laura lost her mummy tummy with DietAssist

Laura lost her ‘mummy tummy’ in 6 weeks using DietAssist

Like many expectant mothers, Laura got into the habit of eating for two, and was left with a ‘mummy tummy’ after giving birth 6 months ago. Using DietAssist, she took back control of her food choices and returned to her pre-baby weight. Here’s her story in her own words. “DietAssist has been really good for […]

lose weight DietAssist

DietAssist helps Lisa lose a stone in 6 weeks

DietAssist helped Lisa lose a stone (14lb) in 6 weeks by helping her change the way she looks at food and get motivated. Here’s how she won her weight loss battle, in her own words: “Weight had been an issue for me for about 15 years. I did a lot of swimming when I was younger […]

Julie lost 2 stone and 2 dress sizes with DietAssist

Julie lost 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes with DietAssist

Julie used DietAssist to change her behaviours around food, and she lost over 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes in just 6 weeks. Here’s her story in her own words. “Weight had been an issue most of my life, I had tried every diet… you name it and I had tried it. I’d lose […]

Drop a dress size

DietAssist helped me drop a dress size

Heidi wanted to drop a dress size, but thought she would be miserable on a diet. DietAssist helped her take control and feel good about her food choices – here’s her story in her own words. “When I saw this picture, it was the final straw.  It made me realise I was bigger than I actually thought I was and bigger […]

Lose moobs man boobs

DietAssist helps Paul shrink his ‘moobs’ (man boobs)

Paul had been overweight since the age of 28. The weight and had slowly crept on as well as jumping up everytime he stopped smoking, which he did 7 times until finally stopping in 2000. By then he was morbidly obese at 21.5 stone with large ‘moobs’ (man boobs). In 2007 he was struck by cancer […]

Lose belly fat

Rob lost over 2 stone of belly fat with DietAssist

Like many men, Rob’s problem was belly fat. DietAssist helped him lose over 2 stone and drop two trouser sizes. Here’s his story in his own words. “For years, my waistline had been creeping up slowly, but it never really bothered me too much until one of my children pointed out that ‘Santa Claus has […]

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  1. Steve James 6th March, 2013 at 7:28 pm - Reply

    Using the DietAssist Programme has really enlightened me to what triggers my food cravings and shown me a better way to deal with them. It has also shown me that the way I think about food can really make the difference between living my life on a diet going up and down forever and just relating to food in a more appropriate way.

  2. Tara Anderson 15th March, 2013 at 2:14 pm - Reply

    I have just finished module 12 and I’m only 2 lbs away from my target weight. So far 20 pounds lighter that’s 10 bags of sugar I am very pleased with myself.

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