DietAssist Weight Loss Classes

DietAssist Weight Loss Classes follow the same 12 modules of the DietAssist programme, and are delivered by a trained and experienced DietAssist Instructor.

Each class lasts around one hour and finishes with a relaxation section to concentrate on providing everything you need to reach your goal, whether it is to lose weight, change your eating habits, stop snacking or simply feel in control of what you eat.

Why should I attend?

DietAssist weight loss classes teach you the psychology of dieting, so you can lose weight faster and more easily than you ever thought possible and, most importantly, keep the weight off.

DietAssist classes are convenient, fun, and affordable. There’s no calorie counting, no embarrassing weigh-ins and no judgement!

It’s simply a great way to get motivated, feel confident and take control of your eating habits with likeminded people.

Finding a DietAssist Class

At the moment, we are still running pilot classes and training up suitable instructors. So watch this space, and we’ll hopefully announce a class near you soon.

If you are interested in becoming a DietAssist Class Instructor, please contact us.