The Smarter Way To Lose Weight

Learn how to deal with the most important factor – your mind

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • The Video Course: 12 online videos packed with information that will change the way you think about dieting and help you start losing weight more easily.
  • The Influence MP3s: 12 powerful hypnosis mp3s that will help influence your brain into adopting the new helpful patterns of behaviour while you sit back and enjoy some chill-out time.
  • The Mind Games: 12 quick, simple and fun exercises which will help you take back control of your habits and behaviours.
  • Works on Macs, PCs, smart phones and tablets
  • No time limits, so you can go at your own pace

Why is it so difficult to lose weight and keep it off?

Lose weight fast like Julie did. She lost 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes with DietAssist

“I had never really thought my weight issues were about what was going on inside my head”

The reason lies in the way your brain tries to protect you. As soon as you go on a diet, it ramps up the cravings to make sure you don’t starve, and it lowers your metabolic rate so you need fewer calories per day than before.

In other words, your brain starts fighting against you!

To get off the yo-yo diet treadmill and make losing weight a reality, you need to stop your brain being your greatest saboteur and turn it into your greatest asset.

That’s where DietAssist comes in. It gets you motivated to lose weight in the short term, as well as helping you change your habits and behaviours. This means you can lose weight more easily and faster than you ever thought possible and, most importantly, keep the weight off!

Real People. Real Stories. Real Results.

Lose weight like Laura. She lost her mummy tummy with DietAssist

Laura lost her mummy tummy with DietAssist

Lose weight and Drop a dress size like Heidi did

Heidi dropped a dress size with DietAssist

Lose weight and your moobs / man boobs like Paul did

DietAssist helps Paul shrink his ‘moobs’ (man boobs)

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