DietAssist Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the best way to use DietAssist?

Each of us has different challenges at different times when it comes to losing weight – some days you might need motivation to get started, some days you might need help with snacking or cravings, other days you might need help with emotional eating…

So we recommend watching all the videos initially to find the areas you most need help with, then using the one MP3 and Mind Game you most need to succeed each day.

What do I need to access DietAssist?

DietAssist works on Macs and PCs, and smart phones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad or Android.

All you need is a web browser and an internet connection – so if you can read this page, you have all you need to get started!

You can also download the Influence MP3s and Mind Games for use offline, so you can even listen to them on the train.

Can I buy it now, but start later?

Yes, you get ongoing access, so you can start and stop whenever you like, and take as long as you need.

I’m already on [Some Diet], why do I need DietAssist?

Most diets can help you lose weight short term, but they can be a real chore and when you stop dieting, the weight piles back on.

DietAssist helps you in the three main areas you need most to succeed:

Staying motivated to lose weight:

Dieting usually feels like a punishment. We teach you how to get motivated and how to enjoy shedding those excess pounds!

Losing weight more easily:

Any diet can show you how to lose weight. We teach you how to work with your mind so you do it smarter, easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

Keeping the weight off long term:

Losing weight is just half the battle. We teach you how to make the subtle habit and behaviour changes that put you back in control and get you off the diet treadmill once and for all.

Will DietAssist help me lose weight?


DietAssist shows you how to lose weight by making subtle changes to your eating habits, so that you no longer sabotage your progress by snacking, overeating or emotional eating. As a result, you stop fighting against yourself, and lose weight easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

And because you are making changes in your habits and behaviours, you’ll naturally find you start making better food choices because you want to, not because some diet plan tells you what you can and cannot eat!

So DietAssist can be used on its own – or as a supplement to your favourite diet plan.

How can I play the MP3’s on my phone?

That will depend on your phone. With the iPhone or iPad you can login to our site using your phone and play them directly, just like video.

Other phones may require you to download and sync/email the file to your phone before playing. For example, you could download and import the MP3s into iTunes.

We provide the MP3s ready for online play as well as download, so you can choose the option that is best for your particular phone.


What is the best time of the day to play the MP3’s?

There isn’t really a best time. Just choose a time that you are unlikely to be disturbed. Having said that we have had people using it on the train and even the tube to great effect. The key thing is to make sure you play them at least two or three times a week during each module.

Are my credit card details secure?

Yes, we use PayPal as our card processor, so all credit and debit card details are processed and stored securely by them on our behalf, so we never need to store sensitive credit card data on our own servers.

In addition, we use state of the art 2048 bit SSL security on our site to ensure a seamless secure ordering process for you.

Finally, in common with many other reputable online retailers, we use Verified By Visa and Mastercard SecureCode to further protect our customers from fraudulent transactions.

Will the effects be permanent?

The DietAssist programme teaches you how your mind works and how to use it to your advantage. Once you have this insight, you will begin to notice how you respond to your triggers around food and eating and can begin to develop behaviours which are more helpful to you.

As human beings, we have a great capability to learn, so although we can’t guarantee exactly how (or if!) you will use the information in the DietAssist programme, but we can guarantee that once you have learned to respond differently, that will continue automatically until you decide otherwise (just as your current ‘bad habits’ have been until now).

How long before I notice a difference?

In our experience, a lot of people on the programme start to notice changes in their behaviour within a few weeks. By module 8, virtually everyone will notice significant changes in their behaviour around eating and food.

Is this programme suitable for children?

The programme is designed for use by adults, but could be used to help older children with close supervision from an appropriate adult.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept both credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal payments.