Women choosing between fruit and hamburger.We’ve all heard the saying, “you are what you eat”. Well the latest research suggests that “you are what you believe” too.

A new study published by the Association for Psychological Science has found a link between what people believe causes obesity and the size of their waistlines.

The researchers say that the connection is so strong that they can even predict body mass index (BMI) by looking at a person’s views on what causes obesity.

The study found that the majority of overweight people tended to believe that lack of exercise was to blame for them piling on the pounds.

People who are slim or have a healthy weight, however, tended to believe that overeating is the main cause of obesity.

A further series of studies across five countries on three continents showed the same overall pattern – people who implicated diet as the primary cause of obesity actually had lower BMIs than those who implicated lack of exercise.

Time to think like a slim person

At DietAssist we know that 90% of weight loss starts in the mind, so the results of this study are not so surprising.

In our experience, overweight people tend to think that they can eat whatever they want and then burn it off in the gym later.

But as we talked about in a previous article, ‘How many calories to lose weight‘, when you consider that a typical chocolate bar takes over 1 hour of moderate exercise to burn off, it becomes clear that most overweight people can’t even hope to come close to the amount of exercise it would take to burn off the excess food they eat.

What we need to do is to start adopting the same beliefs, habits and behaviours towards food that a slim person has.

  • Do slim people reward themselves with a tall skinny mocha latte after a session in the gym?
  • Do slim people stand at the fridge wondering if anything in there will make them feel happy?
  • Do slim people feel powerless because they don’t have time to exercise more?

Probably sometimes… but certainly not as often as overweight people do!

In other words, if you want to be slim long term, you have to think like a slim person!

That’s what we help people do at DietAssist. Our programme helps you change your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours so that losing weight becomes natural, normal and easier. We teach you how to think and act like a slim person.

If it’s time for you to change your beliefs about losing weight, get started with our free introductory module.

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