Use That Christmas Feeling

Use That Christmas Feeling to help your willpower in the New Year

Christmas is traditionally a time for celebration, family and feasting, and most of us get right into the Christmas spirit.

According to nutritionists, the average person consumes around 8,000 calories on Christmas Day alone! That’s three times the NHS recommended daily intake of 2,500 calories for men and 2,000 calories for women.

And when you add in Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year and all the family and office parties, the Christmas Calorie count could top 50,000, of which 40-50% is from alcohol and soft drinks.

It’s no wonder that the average weight gain over the Christmas period is around 6lbs.

But all is not lost – you see, the (not so) humble Christmas Dinner can be a great tool to help you lose weight.

You see, you are about to remind yourself just what it feels like to be completely, utterly and gut-busttingly full.

It’s something we call the ‘Christmas Feeling’.

It’s that bloated, full, uncomfortable feeling you’ve experienced over years and years of Christmas Dinners. The feeling that if you even put one more roast potato in your mouth, you’d explode in a scene reminiscent of a Monty Python film.

We all know that feeling… and even if you don’t, you have an ideal opportunity to experience it in a few days!!!

Using That Christmas Feeling To Lose Weight

The secret is to remember that Christmas feeling and use it to help you lose weight.

So when you start your New Year diet and feel tempted into having seconds or feel the chocolate calling you from the cupboard, you simply recall that Christmas Feeling to kill the urges.

The more intensely you can remember the feeling, the more physically full you’ll really feel, and the weaker the urges to overeat will be.

This works because the emotional part of your mind cannot tell the difference between something real and something imagined. And just as strongly as you can feel physically compelled to reach for the chocolate when you imagine it calling you from the cupboard, you can feel as strongly full up, just as you did on Christmas Day.

Most people find that they can remember and imagine it strongly for themselves, but we also have an MP3 called the ‘Mind Meal’ in Module Four of our full programme which will give you extra help with this if needed.

It’s available as part of our Full DietAssist Programme.

So there you have it… you have permission to go for it on Christmas Day in order to give yourself the best chance of keeping control of your diet in the New Year!

How does that Christmas feeling feel to you? Leave your comments below to help others feel it too!