how to lose 4 stone

Need to lose 4 stone? This is the sort of difference it could make

We regularly receive emails from people asking us if DietAssist can help them lose weight. Most people want to lose a stone, but a number of people want to lose 4 stone and everything in between.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to lose 4 stone, as obviously the process is the same even if you only want to lose a stone.

How we make it easier to lose 4 stone

So where do you start if you want to lose 4 stone, and how does DietAssist help you to achieve it?

Well firstly, the main problem with losing any amount of weight is your motivation to make changes. So many people say they want to lose weight, but are not sufficiently motivated to actually do anything about it.

DietAssist helps to solve this problem by moving you through what is called “the cycle of change”. It helps you to move into the “taking action” phase. When you reach this phase, your mind is ready to take the steps necessary to start to lose weight.

The second problem, if you want to lose 4 stone, is keeping momentum going. Most people can maintain a diet for a short period of time. However, if you want to lose 4 stone, the chances are that you will need to maintain your weight loss regime for a significant period of time.

A reasonable period to lose 4 stone would be around 6 months, according to NHS recommendations.

The DietAssist programme helps to establish and maintain momentum through our various mind games and influence MP3’s. If you use one module of DietAssist per week, you’ll have something to keep your momentum going for 12 weeks.

So, if you wanted to lose 4 stone you could use each module of DietAssist twice in a 6 month period. This would keep your motivation high for the whole period, making your chance of success much higher.

Why losing 4 stone is only half the battle

The final obstacle in being able to lose 4 stone is keeping the weight off long term

DietAssist helps you to change your habits and behaviours towards food. When you no longer crave high calorie food and drink, and are happy with more appropriate amounts and types of food over a sustained period of time, you’ll find it easy to keep the weight off.

When new behaviour is repeated often enough over a sustained period of time, the new behaviours become automatic and feel normal.

For example, let’s say you decide to stop from eating potatoes and your mind is ready for this change. The longer you maintain that behaviour, the more normal and natural it becomes not to eat them.

This change in your normal behaviours is helped by one of our influence MP3’s called “Ground Zero”, which helps you to make your new behaviours become your natural behaviours.

In this way, DietAssist helps you to make your new responses to food permanent.

So if you want to lose 4 stone, why not start by registering for our free introductory module.

Have you lost 4 stone? Do you want to? Leave your comments below!