DietAssist can help you avoid turning to food when you stop smoking

DietAssist can help you avoid turning to food when you stop smoking

The NHS ‘Stoptober‘ campaign is in full swing, with over 240,000 people pledging to quit smoking for 28 days.

It’s the second year of the campaign, which is based on the idea that if you can stop smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to stay ‘smokefree’.

It’s a sound philosophy, which is very similar to our advice to try something new for 30 days, but as I posted on my hypnotherapy blog recently, ‘Stoptober’ tends to lead to ‘Noshvember’.

In other words, the problem many people face when they quit smoking is that they start eating more.

People tend to think this is because their sense of smell and taste has begun to improve. After all, food begins to taste so much better than it ever did, and this can excite your senses.

But it’s not the most powerful reason why people turn to food when they quit smoking…

You see, smoking addiction has very little to do with nicotine – it’s about the meaning attached to the cigarettes.

Everyone is different, but often it’s about company, comfort, rebellion, stress, or boredom relief.

The point is that cigarettes fulfil an emotional need in the smoker, and when that need isn’t being met through cigarettes, they tend to look for an alternative way to satisfy the need.

But just as smoking to satisfy an emotional need is flawed logic, so is comfort eating.

It’s like noticing your car’s brake fluid warning light is on and trying to sort it out by filling the car up with fuel.

A better approach is identify and satisfy the underlying emotional needs directly. Only then are you giving yourself what you really need.

So, if you are lonely or bored… why not phone a friend instead of hitting the fridge?

And if you are stressed… why not step out for a breath of fresh air?

Our DietAssist weight loss programme can help you to identify the emotional reasons why you eat more than you need.

So if you’ve got Stoptober nailed, but are dreading Noshvember, why not register for our free introductory module now?