DietAssist helps Paul shrink his ‘moobs’ (man boobs)

If you’re new here, why not register for free DietAssist membership. You’ll get instant access to twelve videos packed with information that will change the way you think about dieting and help you to start losing weight more easily. Thanks for visiting! Paul had been overweight since the age of 28. The weight and had […]

Rob lost over 2 stone of belly fat with DietAssist

Like many men, Rob’s problem was belly fat. DietAssist helped him lose over 2 stone and drop two trouser sizes. Here’s his story in his own words. “For years, my waistline had been creeping up slowly, but it never really bothered me too much until one of my children pointed out that ‘Santa Claus has […]

Warning: Fruit juice makes you fat

You wouldn’t be surprised to know that eating a packet of biscuits every day would help you pile on the pounds, but how about a nice healthy glass of fruit juice? After all, it’s natural and we need to make sure we get our ‘5-a-day’, right? Well, research for Mailonline has exposed that orange juice […]

5 Tips to Survive the Easter Holidays if You’re On a Diet

Holidays can put a real strain on any diet or sensible eating plan. We all have a tendency to go into ‘holiday mode’ and focus on short-term pleasures rather than long-term gains. ‘Temptations’ are everywhere at Easter. Not only do we tend to eat and drink more with family and friends, but there are enough […]

How to Lose Weight Like Boy George

Boy George has recently been seen in the media showing off his dramatic weight loss. The 51 year old Culture Club lead singer appeared healthier and better looking than ever, and later tweeted his achievement worldwide. Fans and followers wanted to know exactly how he had achieved this dramatic weight loss and Boy George was […]

The Secret To Beyoncé’s 57 pound Weight Loss

In an interview with Shape magazine, Beyoncé explains how a healthy diet and dance workouts helped her lose 57 pounds of excess baby weight in just three months. To most people, this sort of weight loss achievement seems completely out of reach… after all, she has all the time and resources that only an A-List celebrity […]

How to lose weight in a week

Following the success of our last post, ‘How to lose weight in a month‘, we’ve received a number of enquiries about how to lose weight in a week. The NHS recommends that a safe rate of weight loss is around 0.5-1Kg (1-2lbs) per week. It also states that fast weight loss can lead to health […]

How to lose weight in a month with DietAssist

So, you’ve got something special coming up, and you want to know how to lose weight in a month. Maybe it’s a wedding and you need to squeeze back into that outfit. Maybe you’re going on holiday and don’t want to look like Shamu on the beach. The pressure is on… so how to lose […]

How many calories to lose weight?

Doctors recommend a calorie controlled diet and exercise as the best way to lose weight. But the problem many dieters face is, just how many calories to lose weight? According to NHS guidelines, the answer is ‘it depends‘… On your size, age, activity levels and a host of other factors. The average man needs around […]

5 deadly dieting traps (and how to avoid them)

If you are overweight, or gaining weight, then you are eating more than your body needs to stay healthy. There are many reasons why we tend to eat more than we need – usually without even thinking about it. Here are 5 of the deadliest dieting traps, and how to avoid them. 1) Regular mealtimes […]