Drop a dress size with DietAssist

“When I saw this picture, it was the final straw”

Heidi wanted to drop a dress size, but thought she would be miserable on a diet. DietAssist helped her take control and feel good about her food choices – here’s her story in her own words.

“When I saw this picture, it was the final straw.  It made me realise I was bigger than I actually thought I was and bigger than I had ever been before. I knew I had to do something about it.

I kept thinking I will start “being good” soon but had been putting it off. I kept making excuses as I had always thought dieting or losing weight meant restricting everything I liked.

I like food and even though I wanted to drop a dress size, I really thought I’d be miserable if I went on a diet.

Heidi dropped a dress size using DietAssist

DietAssist helped Heidi drop a dress size

However, this time it was different. DietAssist is about making the right choices for the right reasons and feeling good about it.

It didn’t tell me what I can or can’t eat (I know that!) – it focused me on my goals and how to change my thoughts into believing my goal was achievable and worth the effort.

It wasn’t about restricting food, but I soon found myself eating smaller portions (because I wanted to) and I simply didn’t notice the snacks I have in the house for the children.

Evenings were always my biggest problem – snacking on chocolate with a cup of tea but I found that I no longer craved the “treats”. Now I sometimes eat a fun-size bar, but I don’t feel the need to eat more.

Since starting the programme, I feel in control. I enjoy what I eat and feel satisfied – no longer opening the fridge or cupboard as I walked past or finishing the kids dinner as I clear up.

It has focused my mind, I no longer automatically go for the crisps every time I eat a sandwich and enjoy the difference a healthy diet makes!”