Lose Moobs Man Boobs

DietAssist helps Paul lose his man boobs

Paul had been overweight since the age of 28. The weight and had slowly crept on as well as jumping up everytime he stopped smoking, which he did 7 times until finally stopping in 2000. By then he was morbidly obese at 21.5 stone with large ‘moobs’ (man boobs).

In 2007 he was struck by cancer and during the treatment he lost a massive 7.5 stone in weight in just 3 months. Although very effective at weight loss, it’s hardly the best of diet regimes. However, as with most people the weight went back on and by March 2013 he was back up to nearly 18 stone, morbidly obese again with a BMI of 35, again with ‘moobs’ (man boobs).

The problem was that the cancer treatment reduced his body size but his thoughts and ideas about food were still the same as before.

“I knew that my weight was a large factor in developing cancer but even that knowledge did not stop me eating. When weight comes on so slowly, you don’t really notice quite how fat you have become again until you look in the mirror and see a large belly and moobs (man boobs).

So when the opportunity came to take the DietAssist challenge with 5 other women I jumped on board. We started in March and in just six weeks I had lost 32 pounds (14.5Kg). That change took me from morbidly obese back to just overweight. It seemed strange to celebrate being overweight.

I decided to put myself on a type of combination of no starchy carbs and fasting from evening dinner to lunchtime the next day. I would then have a small meal for lunch, which might be a couple of poached eggs and a couple of tomatoes or a soup and then have a normal meal in the evening. By normal, I mean the same size as I would have eaten before but without the potatoes, pasta, bread or rice. I would bulk up on the vegetables – for instance, if I was having a chilli I might have runner beans instead of rice. This worked surprisingly well and was actually very tasty.

Lose Moobs Man BoobsWhat I found really surprising was the lack of hunger or desire for food. At first it would seem a bit strange to go to the café and order two poached eggs and fresh tomatoes. The staff wondered who I was and what I had done with Paul! But I think DietAssist helped me to change the way I thought about food. The increase in control was quite frankly amazing. In the evenings I could eat with my family in the normal way and it just felt very natural.

By the end of the DietAssist challenge I was just over 15 stone and had gone from a 42” waist to 37” waist and my moobs (man boobs) have shrunk considerably. The biggest problem I have now is finding trousers that I can wear that won’t fall down. My belt has reduced so much that I had to punch an extra hole in it.

DietAssist helped me to make better choices in not only the types of food I chose but the portion size as well. I am now able to go out socially and eat more appropriately. Instead of having a starter, main and dessert and copious amounts of wine, I might have a main and a nice dessert and a couple of glasses of wine.

DietAssist has changed my whole outlook on food which has made me able to easily control my intake. This is very useful as I intend to drop another couple of stone. I thought that after the DietAssist challenge I would have a break for a while but now I feel quite happy just to carry on. It was so easy!”