Laura lost her mummy tummy with DietAssist

“DietAssist has been a massive motivational boost”

Like many expectant mothers, Laura got into the habit of eating for two, and was left with a ‘mummy tummy’ after giving birth 6 months ago. Using DietAssist, she took back control of her food choices and returned to her pre-baby weight. Here’s her story in her own words.

“DietAssist has been really good for me. I put on weight during pregnancy and like a lot of new Mums I was left with a bit of a ‘pouch’ – a mummy tummy!  

After using DietAssist for six weeks, I’ve got into a routine of eating different things and I’ve cut out a lot of empty calories – biscuits, chocolate, etc. I’ve changed things, substituting the bad things in my diet so that I eat less junk and now eat healthier, more wholesome foods.

When I was pregnant I felt hungry for a lot of the time and ate quite a bit, but now I have lost just over a stone (16lbs) in the 6 weeks with DietAssist and am back to my pre-baby weight.

I’m now looking forward to wearing my bikini again on the beach this summer, especially without a mummy tummy.

What I like about DietAssist is that it is very motivational, I found it really interesting and enjoyed it. I like the fact it changes your bad habits, the issues you have with food. For me it was chocolate, cakes, wine, takeaways – the bad choices, the things that increase weight. But now I am making much better choices.

Being on maternity leave, I go out for lunch a lot, and I’ve learnt to make better choices. I’ve enjoyed the food I’ve been eating, it has become very natural. I’ve cut down on everything and now have smaller portions. I have more energy but more importantly I have changed my eating habits for life.  I am not obsessing about food and I look much better. I am happy with the way the way I look. 

DietAssist helps you go into your diet really, really positively.  It is just a massive motivational boost, it has made me change my behaviour and I now feel I can achieve other things in my life too.”

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