Lose belly fat

“Without all that belly fat, I feel so much lighter and healthier, and have far more energy”

Like many men, Rob’s problem was belly fat. DietAssist helped him lose over 2 stone and drop two trouser sizes. Here’s his story in his own words.

“For years, my waistline had been creeping up slowly, but it never really bothered me too much until one of my children pointed out that ‘Santa Claus has a big fat tummy like Daddy’.

That innocent comment hit me like a thunderbolt, as I had never really considered the example I was setting for them or the fact that they had even noticed my belly fat. It was in that moment, I realised I needed to take action.

Food was a big part of my social world, and I would often end up eating because food was offered, rather than because I was hungry. If I was out with friends, I would often eat a dessert just because they were having one, even if I felt full.

lose belly fat with DietAssist

“DietAssist has given me back control”

At home, my wife often joked that she fed me up to make me unattractive to other women, and I would tell her I ate it all to show her how much I appreciated her cooking.

Another issue I had was portion control. I would find it hard to avoid eating everything on my plate, and to avoid overeating when faced with a buffet or selection of nibbles. Parties and bar-b-ques were the worst time for me, especially when there was a variety of my favourites on offer.

DietAssist helped me to control overeating and learn how to stop when I’m full. It helped me change my relationship to food so that I no longer feel the overwhelming urge to overeat, and I find it easier to say no to those social desserts.

I still enjoy all the foods I used to, except now I find it easier to stop when I’m full, and avoid eating when I’m not hungry.

I’ve still got a little way to go to reach my target weight, but so far I’ve lost 30lbs (13.5Kg) and gone from a size 42″ trouser down to a 38″. Without all that belly fat, I feel so much lighter and healthier, and have far more energy to play with the children.

DietAssist has given me back control, and the best part is that losing weight has been so natural and easy because I’m not fighting with myself any more.”